Comité régional pour les programmes d’accès à des services de santé et des services sociaux en langue anglaise de Chaudière-Appalaches

Committee mandate

Section 348 Each agency, in collaboration with institutions, must develop a program of access to health services and social services in the English language for the English-speaking population of its area in the centers operated by the institutions of its region that it indicates or, as the case may be, develop jointly, with other agencies, such a program in centers operated by the institutions of another region. Such an access program must take into account the human, financial and material resources of institutions and include any institution in the region designated under section 508. The program must be approved by the Government and revised at least every three years. Section 510 The Government shall, by regulation, provide for the formation of regional committees entrusted with
  1. advising the agency concerning the access programs developed by that agency in accordance with section 348;
  2. evaluating the access programs and suggesting modifications to them where expedient.
The agency concerned shall determine by by-law the composition of its regional committee, its rules of operation and internal management, the manner in which its affairs are to be conducted and its functions, duties and powers. Members
  • Peter Whitcomb
  • Lorna Campbell
  • Michelle Mathieu
  • Maureen Small
  • Brian Gignac
  • Ann Marie Powell Laughrea
  • Marie-Michelle Laplante